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A/Prof Colin Chan presents at APAO 2019


Image of A/Prof Colin Chan in boardroom with APAO colleagues

As part of the invited faculty, A/Prof Colin Chan recently travelled to Bangkok to present 2 lectures at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress.

A/Prof Chan’s first talk focused on the advanced treatment of allergic conjunctivitis and he discussed alternative options that ophthalmologists can consider for their patients – especially in difficult to control cases.

During his second lecture, A/Prof Chan discussed laser eye surgery enhancements after LASIK. He presented the results of research conducted by Vision Eye Institute, which offer valuable insights into appropriate methods of enhancement following a LASIK procedure.

A/Prof Chan is also a member of APAO’s Standing Congress Committee. His primary role within the committee is to organise the APAO Satellite Congress – a new initiative, designed to bring prominent international speakers to member Asian nations with smaller populations to further enhance their ophthalmic education.

Image of A/Prof Colin Chan and other APAO presenters

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A/Prof Colin Chan is an internationally recognised expert in vision correction procedures (including laser eye surgery, lens exchange and lens implant), cataract and laser cataract surgery, and corneal conditions (particularly keratoconus and pterygium). He practises at Vision Eye Institute Chatswood.

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