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Amazing Amber And Her Lazy Eye


Cartoon illustration of superhero Amazing Amber

Vision Eye Institute specialist Dr Jason Cheng is part of a group that created and published a children’s book about amblyopia (lazy eye) and patch therapy.

Dr Cheng explained that the creation of Amazing Amber And Her Lazy Laser Eye was a bit of a family affair. ‘I approached Eagle Ngo, my nephew and now first-year medical student, around a year ago to explore the idea of writing a children’s book to make patching a bit more fun for kids,’ says Dr Cheng. ‘Patching involves covering the stronger eye to strengthen the “lazy eye”.

‘Eagle’s father, Son, is actually a well-known children’s author and guided us throughout the whole process. In fact, Amazing Amber was illustrated by Aleksic Vladimir, a talented artist who collaborates with Son on his books. We were also privileged to work with ophthalmologist Dr Stephen Hing and orthoptist Mitchell Bagley on this project.’

Eagle wrote the book and came up with the idea of using a laser shooting eye as an analogy to the vision of a child, says Dr Cheng. ‘The weak laser can be strengthened through daily patching of the strong eye. Kids often dislike patching because it is uncomfortable and makes them feel self-conscious. The aim of the book is to normalise patch therapy and also help non-patching readers gain a basic understanding of lazy eye.’

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Dr Jason Cheng is a highly experienced ophthalmologist with special interests in glaucoma and cataracts. He completed two glaucoma fellowships overseas and actively participates in research in this field. Dr Cheng consults at Vision Eye Institute Hurstville and Vision Eye Institute Bondi Junction.

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