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How diabetes affects vision and treatments available


Dr David Ng was featured in an article about diabetic eye disease. He explained how diabetes can lead to cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, and what treatments are available for these conditions.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

More than one million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes, and eye problems are one of the most common complications of having the condition. In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in working-age adults. Fortunately, most cases of blindness can be prevented with proper care.

People with all types of diabetes (type 1, type 2 and gestational) are at risk of a number of eye conditions, which together are known as diabetic eye disease.

“It is possible to unknowingly have severe diabetic eye disease before ‘suddenly’ going blind,” says Dr David Ng from Vision Eye Institute. “About 15% of people with diabetes will develop diabetic retinopathy, where persistently high sugar levels can damage the small blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the retina at the back of the eye.”


Read the full article here.

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