Diabetic maculopathy – through an artist's eyes


Dr Christolyn Raj recently published an article in mivision about how eye care professionals can manage an eye disease that commonly affects people with diabetes – diabetic macular edema (DME).

In the article, Dr Raj explains why it is so important that patients with diabetes are educated about diabetic eye disease and understand that regular screening through routine eye tests is crucial for saving sight. She goes on to explain when optometrists should refer patients with DME to an ophthalmologist and what treatments are currently available.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

Every hour in Australia, approximately 11 Australians are diagnosed with diabetes. Around the world, diabetes is predicted to increase by 55 per cent by the year 2040. The aetiology of this increase involves changes in diet with higher fat intake, sedentary lifestyle, and decreased physical activity. Among the ocular complications of diabetes, diabetic maculopathy is the most common and potentially blinding. Typically, it affects individuals in their most productive years and has devastating complications on the patient as well as society as a whole. A recent epidemiology study estimated the prevalence of diabetic maculopathy to be 7 per cent of the Australian population but, within this group, almost half (39 per cent) had associated visual impairment.

Read the full article here.


Dr Christolyn Raj is a retinal specialist with expertise in treating diabetic eye disease. She also performs cataract surgery and treats general eye conditions. Dr Raj practices at Vision Eye Institute Camberwell and Vision Eye Institute Coburg.




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