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Dr Chauhan presents at conference in China


Dr Devinder Chauhan was recently invited to present at the Ophthalmology Branch of the Jiangsu & Anhui Provincial Medical Association’s 19th Ophthalmology Conference of Jiangsu Province and the 16th Ophthalmology Conference of Anhui Province in Hefei, China.

He joined leading ophthalmologists from China and around the world who came together to share their expertise with ophthalmologists in the Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. Dr Chauhan, an expert in retinal medicine, spoke about the pathological changes the occur with diabetic retinopathy.

While in China, Dr Chauhan also had the opportunity to meet a number of colleagues from Vision Eye Institute’s sister facilities at Zeming Eye Hospitals.

Dr Devinder Chauhan is a retinal and macular ophthalmologist with over 20 years of experience. He treats all retinal conditions and has expertise in medical, laser, injection and surgical treatment options. 

Dr Chauhan practises at Vision Eye Institute Boronia and Vision Eye Institute Box Hill.

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