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Dr Versace's lens trial featured on 9 News


Zoomed in image of FEMTIS intraocular lens held by tweezers

A new kind of premium lens

Dr Patrick Versace featured on 9 News to discuss a new artificial lens he is currently trialling, which can improve a patient’s sight after cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange.

For the past 3 years, Dr Versace has been using a new extended depth of focus lens called FEMTIS to correct presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness). Patients undergoing cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange have to choose a replacement lens, weighing up the visual outcomes of each lens and how it fits with their lifestyle and visual preferences. One of the benefits of the FEMTIS lens is that there is less visual compromise, including no halos or glare. In fact, this is now the most common lens chosen by Dr Versace’s patients.

The FEMTIS lens is unique because it attaches in the eye in a different way to traditional intraocular lenses (IOLs). Essentially, the lens ‘clips on’ to a layer inside the eye, which guarantees its positioning and gives better predictability for visual outcomes.

Vision Eye Institute Bondi Junction is the only clinic offering the FEMTIS lens in Sydney. Dr Versace has also been involved in some of the clinical trials for this lens. Currently, he is running a trial of 25 patients (50 lenses) to test if the lens stays in the exact same position over a longer follow-up period. This study will be going for at least another year.

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Dr Patrick Versace is a highly regarded refractive and cataract surgeon who specialises in presbyopia correction. He has expertise in corneal inlays, multifocal lenses and laser eye surgery. He practices at Vision Eye Institute Bondi Junction and Vision Eye Institute Hurstville.

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