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Mastering retinal tears management


Dr Christolyn Raj recently wrote an article for mivision – Mastering Retinal Tears Management – about important factors to consider when a patient presents with retinal symptoms and in the course of assessing a retinal break.

Below is an excerpt from the article.


Retinal tears are a common occurrence. An accurate and time critical diagnosis is imperative to save sight.

Retinal tears are commonly encountered in day to day clinical practice. As optometrists are often the first clinicians to examine these patients, an accurate and time critical diagnosis is imperative. Prompt treatment, often involving retinal laser photocoagulation can, in the great majority of cases, prevent ensuing retinal detachment and greatly improve the visual prognosis.

Perhaps even more common are patients presenting with symptomatic posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). The questions we find ourselves asking are: what is the risk of a retinal tear? which retinal tears may progress to retinal detachment? and how can we predict this?’


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