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APAO honours Prof Vajpayee with Achievement Award


Headshot of Prof Rasik Vajpayee

Congratulations to Professor Rasik Vajpayee – a highly renowned corneal, refractive and cataract surgeon – who has been recognised by the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology with an Achievement Award. The Award honours Prof Vajpayee’s dedication and significant contribution to ophthalmology, the Academy and its Congresses.

APAO Achievement Award to Prof Rasik Vajpayee

“I’m honoured to receive an Achievement Award from the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, a fantastic organisation committed to promoting and improving ophthalmology in our part of the world. It has been my privilege to contribute to this area over the years and I look forward to continuing this into the future.”

Prof Rasik Vajpayee

Prof Vajpayee is a clinician-scientist who has previously held the position of Head of Cornea and Cataract Surgery at the University of Melbourne.  He has significant expertise in performing complex cataract surgery for patients with co-occurring eye conditions and in treating corneal conditions, such as Fuchs’ dystrophy, keratoconus and pterygium. After developing new surgical transplantation techniques, Prof Vajpayee successfully pioneered the use of single-donor corneal tissue to treat three patients. He also performs laser eye surgery for vision correction.

More than half of the global population resides within the Asia-Pacific region. The APAO’s mission is to foster relationships and knowledge-sharing between ophthalmologists throughout the region for the effective diagnosis, management and treatment of eye conditions, some of which may lead to blindness. Read more about the APAO here.

Prof Vajpayee practises at Vision Eye Institute Blackburn South, Vision Eye Institute Coburg and Vision Eye Institute Melbourne (St Kilda Rd).

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