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Spotlight on OPTOS


Vision Eye Institute Coburg is proud to announce the new fundus fluorescein angiogram services available at our clinic in Bell Street Coburg. This allows us to provide full scope care for medical retina patients, including the treatment of AMD, diabetic retinopathy and vascular occlusions. The angiogram service provided by Dr Nandor Jaross, utilises our Optos 200Tx machine that produces ultra wide field images (UWF) with a field of view up to 200 degrees, compared to standard angiogram images of around 70 degrees. This enlarged field of view influences the management of conditions that affect the peripheral retina, in particular diabetic retinopathy and vascular occlusions. The improved visualisation of the peripheral vasculature and its ability to influence patient management is illustrated by the following fundus images of a patient with diabetic retinopathy (click on any of the images to enlarge). The colour fundus images suggest the retinopathy is worse in the right eye, with neovascularisation of the disc which is very evident in the disc leakage in the mid-phase angiogram. However both eyes show extensive and confluent areas of peripheral capillary closures, and the indistinct margins of the peripheral blood vessels indicates leakage and local ischaemia. The fact that these vessels appear to suddenly stop in the periphery is not a photographic artifact; the darker zones in the midperiphery are indicative of the areas of non-perfusion in both eyes. On the basis of the ultra-wide –field fundus fluorescein angiogram consideration should be given to panretinal photocoagulation in the left eye as well.

Vision Eye Institute Coburg and Dr Nandor Jaross will accept urgent medical retinal referrals including diabetic retinopathy, vascular occlusions and AMD. Please contact our clinic on (03) 9354 8611 to arrange an appointment.

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