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Vision Eye Institute specialists speak at SynergEYES 2019 Conference


Alcon recently hosted its SynergEYES annual educational conference in Melbourne on the last weekend of June.

Leading ophthalmologists from Australia and New Zealand presented a comprehensive clinical program. They covered the latest developments in ophthalmology including astigmatism and presbyopia management, complex cataract cases, and retinal and cornea case studies. Emerging therapies were also a topic of discussion.

As part of the conference, Alcon showcased first-hand, leading ophthalmic advancements, from visualisation through to aberrometry based on IOL calculations. Other highlights included interactive workshops on fluidics, anterior vitrectomy and 3D visualisation designed to increase the efficiency of surgery.

This year, Alcon also added the OptimEYES educational stream for orthoptists to the conference program.

Several Vision Eye Institute specialists and practice staff were invited to speak as highly regarded experts in their field:

Prof Gerard Sutton was invited to chair the Saturday session and also presented ‘The Difficult Cases of Astigmatism: Management of Post-cataract Refractive Error’. On Sunday, he explored future innovations regarding corneal treatments, delving into the new concepts of 3D bioengineered corneas, and also provided updates on his own research with the revolutionary iFix system.

A/Prof Tim Roberts chaired the session on new IOL technology. He explored ways surgeons can successfully incorporate new presbyopia-correcting lenses into their practices to improve the ‘lifestyle’ outcomes for patients undergoing cataract surgery. ‘Understanding how the different lenses perform and matching the appropriate IOL with the appropriate individual are the keys to success,’ he commented.

Dr Christolyn Raj discussed the fundamental rapport required between ophthalmologists and orthoptists, highlighting ways in which orthoptists can collaborate more efficiently with doctors to improve the quality of patient care.

– Chatswood Practice Manager Phillip Lu enlightened delegates on ways to manage an orthoptic team, breaking down the key elements to optimal staff development and mentoring.

– Chatswood Orthoptist Kate Roberts presented on complex post-refractive IOL calculations, providing tips, guidelines and case studies.






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