Retinal conditions

Affordable eye injection clinic in Boronia

Struggling to afford the cost of eye (intravitreal) injections?

Our affordable clinic is suitable for patients who currently receive eye injections to treat potentially blinding conditions such as wet macular degeneration (also known as age-related macular degeneration or AMD), diabetic eye disease (including diabetic retinopathy) or retinal vein occlusion (blockage of the small veins in the retina).

A regular, ongoing course of intravitreal injections is usually required to preserve vision. Unfortunately, around 26% of patients stop treatment after only twelve months, which may increase their risk of blindness.* The reasons for stopping are often cost and inconvenience.

Our eye injection clinic at Vision Eye Institute Boronia was set up to address these issues and encourage patients with macular disease (and some retinal conditions) to continue treatment.

Patients who are eligible for Medicare will have no out-of-pocket costs for consultations and scans and will only have to pay the PBS amount for prescriptions.
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  • We accept patients who already receive eye injections to treat a medical condition or who have a current referral to receive eye injections.
  • Patient care is provided by retinal specialist Dr Devinder Chauhan and his highly trained clinical team.
  • Our clinic is located on the ground floor within the Melbourne Eastern Healthcare facility (free parking, onsite café, easy access to Eastlink).
  • Appointments (including the consultation, scan and injection) take around 30 to 40 minutes in total, with minimal waiting time.
  • There are no out-of-pocket fees for consultations and scans.

Transferring to the clinic is easy. Simply give us a call and our friendly staff will talk you through the process.

Call us on 1800 MACULA or (03) 9890 4333 today.


*Data on file (Novartis)

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Meet our retinal specialist

Patient care is provided by Dr Devinder Chauhan and his highly trained clinical team. Dr Chauhan is a highly experienced, fellowship-trained retinal specialist and vitreoretinal surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in clinical practice.

Dr Devinder Chauhan

Dr Devinder Chauhan



Box Hill

Dr Devinder Chauhan treats all retinal conditions, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, retinal detachment, posterior vitreous detachment, epiretinal membrane and macular hole. He provides medical and surgical treatment and routinely combines retinal operations with cataract surgery.

What happens during my appointment at the Boronia eye injection clinic?

We are dedicated to research

As a patient-focused company, Vision Eye Institute aims to deliver the best possible clinical outcomes. To achieve this, our practice must continue to evaluate and innovate. Vision Eye Institute’s doctors have created a culture that emphasises rigorous clinical review.

Through regular, methodical and comprehensive review of all facets of clinical and surgical practice, our doctors can readily benchmark themselves against best-practice outcomes. The demand for our doctors to share their results and experiences at scientific conferences, both locally and overseas, is a testament to our ability to deliver a consistently high standard of patient care and clinical outcomes.

Due to the size of our organisation, we are able to support our doctors with a dedicated research team. This team is responsible for translating the data into peer-reviewed research articles and extending the group’s research interests.

Our affordable eye injection clinic

  • Boronia

    • 03 9890 4333
      FAX : 03 9890 4666
    • Ground floor, Suite 5,
      157 Scoresby Rd
      Boronia 3155 vic
    • M–F 8.30 am–5 pm
      Sat Closed
      Sun Closed
Transferring to the clinic is easy. Simply contact our clinic and our friendly staff will talk you through the process.
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