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Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

Rights and Responsibilities

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights outlines a full description of the rights of patients who use the Australian Health System. These rights have been officially outlined in a document in order to ensure that all healthcare providers in Australia are delivering the highest level of quality and safety.

Your rights include:

  • access to health care
  • safe care
  • being treated with dignity and respect
  • the ability to be communicated to in a clear and informed manner
  • the ability to participate in making your own decisions about your care
  • the right to privacy
  • the right to comment on your care and have any concerns addressed.

To understand the full list of Rights and Responsibilities, please read the charter document.

Privacy Policy

Vision Eye Institute complies with all of our privacy and confidentiality obligations. This includes all our obligations regarding:

  • personal information
  • access to and correction of your personal information
  • other types of information help.

It also provides our head office details – if you have any question, complaint or comment please contact us directly. Read the full Privacy Policy.

Website Privacy Policy

This page outlines what information we do and do not collect when you visit our website. Read the full Website Privacy Policy.

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