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Quality and safety

Vision Eye Institute is committed to delivering personalised, safe, high-quality care through the pursuit of clinical and scientific excellence. Our Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Board, Clinical Care Committee and Executive Management Team provide strategic leadership to ensure that we deliver on this commitment.


Our boutique, specialist clinics and day surgeries provide patients and doctors access to the latest equipment and technology – sometimes before it’s available anywhere else in the country. Each of our day surgeries are accredited against ISO 9001 and the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards, with an on-site Director of Nursing to lead the clinical support team. Our laser suites and most of our consulting rooms are ISO accredited. We are working towards achieving accreditation in all of our consulting rooms, in line with RANZCO guidance.

Consulting clinics are also staffed with dedicated clinical support personnel, such as optometrists and orthoptists. Vision Eye Institute’s experienced administrative and reception teams also help ensure that the patient–doctor experience is a seamless one.

Quality management systems

To minimise patient risk, and to monitor and improve the quality of our services, we have established robust quality management systems within a clinical governance framework that includes:

  • consumer feedback/participation
  • reviewing our clinical effectiveness
  • measuring the effectiveness of our workforce
  • identifying and managing risks.

Because patients are at the heart of everything we do, we place great value on their feedback. Satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted to ensure that we are indeed delivering best-practice care. All patient feedback, suggestions and complaints are taken seriously and reviewed internally, with further action where appropriate.

We also collect safety and quality data to compare against national benchmarks, conduct internal and external audits, ensure that our staff undergo a rigorous credentialing process and receive comprehensive training, promote a culture of transparency, and regularly review clinical risk and safety policies in accordance with evidence-based best practice.

Contact our National Quality and Risk Manager.

Read the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in English or another language.

Learn more about our quality and safety management systems:

Quality statement

In accordance with our values, Vision Eye Institute endeavours to provide the highest level of customer service and optimise outcomes for our patients.

We achieve this by implementing quality management systems that meet the requirements of the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015  standards, as well as the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Standards in our day surgeries.

Accreditation to these standards involves:

  • Compliance with the relevant Australian and professional standards, legislations and regulations
  • A focus on continuous improvement
  • Partnering with consumers to maximise customer satisfaction with the services provided
  • Establishment of governance and reporting structures
  • Best clinical practice that aims to maximise outcomes, safety and comfort for our patients
  • Staff education and training in patient-centred care.

Vision Eye Institute implements a patient-centred care approach to improve the healthcare experience and outcomes for our patients.

Vision Eye Institute strives to achieve good corporate governance through effective risk management in a controlled and appropriate manner.

IMPORTANT: If you are concerned about your eyes and require an urgent consultation, DO NOT use this form. Please call one of our clinics during office hours or contact your nearest emergency department.

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