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A fond farewell to the Townsville clinic


Dr Lee Lenton and his team recently had their final day at Vision Eye Institute Townsville, which closed its doors on 30 June. From 1 July, Dr Lenton will see patients exclusively from our state-of-the-art Brisbane clinic and perform surgical procedures at the co-located RiverCity Private Hospital.

Over our Townsville clinic’s 25-year history, patients travelled from all over Far North Queensland to consult with Dr Lenton. They were drawn to both the clinic’s convenient location and Dr Lenton’s sterling reputation as a cataract and vision correction surgeon familiar with the unique visual needs of rural patients.

One such patient, Sandra Huber, recently reached a milestone – her 25th LASIK anniversary – which she acknowledged by sending a card to Dr Lenton and his team (pictured below).

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Pictured alongside the card is a North Queensland Day Surgery brochure from the 90s, featuring Sandra.

Our Townsville patients will also recognise the familiar, friendly face of Wyndham van Akkeren with Sandra in the photograph (left). Wyndham is a clinical optometrist who built his career at Townsville alongside Dr Lenton. As practice manager, he ensured the smooth running of the Townsville clinic and that every patient was greeted with a smile.

‘I would like to express my gratitude to Wyndham and the team at Townsville for their support and hard work over the years,’ says Dr Lenton. ‘Together, we made a real difference in our patients’ lives.’

People in scrubs standing together in an operating theatre and smiling at the camera.

Dr Lenton and team on his last day operating at North Queensland Day Surgery, Townsville.

See you in Brisbane

Dr Lenton’s patients will be pleased to note that he will continue to consult and operate at our Brisbane clinic. Patients can expect the same range of services and exceptional, patient-centred care that Dr Lenton is known for at our Brisbane rooms.

For patients travelling in from regional areas, staff can co-ordinate consultation and procedure appointment times to minimise travel requirements. The clinic is also co-located with RiverCity Private Hospital, allowing convenience and continuity of care for patients undergoing surgical procedures.

To book an appointment with Dr Lenton at Vision Eye Institute Brisbane, click the ‘Book a consultation’ button below or call 07 3736 3015.

Date last reviewed: 2023-07-17 | Date for next review: 2025-07-17

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