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Laser eye surgery recovery tips


Laser eye surgery recovery tips

Laser eye surgery – the next few weeks

These days, laser eye surgery is considered a relatively straightforward procedure. However, as with any surgical procedure, the body needs to recover. If you are having laser eye surgery such as LASIK, here are some tips that you can use as a guide to help promote a speedy recovery.

  1. Immediately after laser eye surgery

    You will be given goggles or eye shields before you leave surgery. You’ll need to wear them when sleeping for the first few nights – these will prevent you from touching your eyes during the night.

  2. Don’t rub your eyes

    This is extremely important, particularly during the first 7 days following laser eye surgery.

  3. Administer your drops as prescribed

    As part of your post-operation plan, you will have been given a series of eye drops. It is essential that you administer the drops as advised by your doctor.

    Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, and keep them away from your face. This is particularly important before applying eye drops. Minimising infection risk is critical after laser eye surgery.

  4. Get plenty of rest

    When you first return home after having laser eye surgery, resting your eyes is important. Sleep is the only time that our body has a real opportunity to repair, and this is true for laser eye surgery as well.

  5. Stay in clean environments

    It may go without saying, however it’s worth reiterating – after laser eye surgery, avoid smoky rooms, dusty environments or areas with chemical vapours such as science labs, printing shops, darkrooms etc.

  6. Wear sunglasses

    Your eyes will be sensitive to light after laser eye surgery. Avoid extreme levels of sunlight. When you do go outside, wear sunglasses. Some people find that wearing sunglasses indoors also helps.

  7. Avoid straining or body contact sports

    You will be advised not to participate in contact sports for one month following laser eye surgery. You’ll also be asked not to swim for at least two weeks.

  8. Makeup

    For one week following laser eye surgery you will need to avoid wearing eye makeup.

  9. Be patient

    Your vision will fluctuate during the first few days and weeks post laser eye surgery, and you may see halos around lights. Your eyes may also feel gritty – don’t worry, this is not permanent.

  10. Finally

    Give your new eyes the best treatment – take the days after laser eye surgery seriously and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of your laser eye surgery for years to come.

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