Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patient/Carer Notice



Vision Eye Institute is COVID Safe!


We're COVID Safe

We’re pleased to announce that all of our NSW clinics and day surgeries are now registered as COVID Safe businesses.

The COVID Safe program, a NSW Government initiative, formally recognises businesses that are playing their part to keep the community safe from coronavirus.

As part of our commitment to protecting the health of our patients, carers, staff and doctors, we have prepared a detailed COVID-19 Safety Plan that outlines our protocols for:

  • hygiene and safety
  • physical distancing
  • recording contact details of staff and customers
  • staff wellbeing.

Registering our NSW locations as COVID Safe businesses means we are also obligated to:

  • keep a copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan at each site
  • ensure workers understand their responsibilities
  • train new workers to act in a socially responsible way
  • keep customer details secure and only use them for contact tracing.

Although the COVID Safe Business program is specific to NSW, Vision Eye Institute has implemented the same COVID-19 response protocol in each of our clinics, laser suites and day surgeries throughout Australia.

For more information on our hygiene and social distancing measures, please visit our COVID-19 patient/carer notice.

The information on this page is general in nature. All medical and surgical procedures have potential benefits and risks. Consult your ophthalmologist for specific medical advice.

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IMPORTANT: If you are concerned about your eyes and require an urgent consultation, DO NOT use this form. Please call one of our clinics during office hours or contact your nearest emergency department.

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