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Box Hill
Retinal Clinic

Box Hill (Retina) Ophthalmology Clinic

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Some services may not be performed by your preferred doctor or at your preferred clinic. We will confirm this with you before making an appointment.

Our clinic specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal conditions, cataracts and nerve-related vision problems, including urgent and emergency cases. We focus on delivering high-quality patient care, based on individual attention, prompt diagnosis and a straightforward explanation of your condition and treatment options. Our goal is to provide patients with access to world-class specialist care, including the latest technology and treatments.

We are co-located with Whitehorse Day Surgery, which means that surgical procedures can be performed on-site. To ensure that our emergency patients are seen promptly and according to urgency, we offer a highly efficient triage service managed by our orthoptic team.

Clinic facilities

Vision Eye Institute Eastern is equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic imaging equipment to ensure our patients receive the highest standard of care.

Our clinic is fitted with a photodynamic therapy laser and ICG angiography equipment for specialised treatment of retinal conditions. Similarly, our ophthalmologists perform laser cataract surgery at Whitehorse Day Surgery using a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser.

To make your experience as comfortable as possible, we offer free WiFi, tea and coffee, and educational videos in our waiting room. Our friendly team members speak a number of languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Italian, French and Hindi.

Clinic services

Our clinic examines and treats patients with retinal conditions, including diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, retinal detachment, posterior vitreous detachment, epiretinal membrane, macular degeneration and macular hole. We are one of the largest providers of eye injections for macular degeneration in Australia.

Many of our patients and referrers choose Vision Eye Institute Eastern based on the expertise and reputation of our two doctor partners – Dr Devinder Chauhan and Dr Eric Mayer. They have both been at our clinic for over a decade and are highly respected in their fields.

Retinal conditions

During a retinal examination, your ophthalmologist will give you dilating eye drops to look more closely at your retinas. A specialised condensing lens and head-mounted light are often used during this examination to assess your optic nerve and blood vessels. Other tests may follow, depending on the outcome of this examination.

Many retinal conditions can put your sight at risk, so your ophthalmologist may recommend urgent treatment, which often takes place on the same day as your initial consultation. For example, if you require laser therapy (e.g. for a retinal tear or diabetic retinopathy), this will be performed in one of our consulting rooms.

Other treatments for retinal conditions include virectomy, intravitreal eye injections, photodynamic therapy, pneumatic retinoplexy and cryo-buckle surgery.

Cataract & lens surgery

If you have cataracts, your initial consultation will take place at our clinic, while any subsequent surgical procedures are performed at Vision Day Surgery Eastern. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures worldwide and usually takes less than 30 minutes.

During cataract surgery, your ophthalmologist will make a 2–3 mm incision in the surface of your eye (cornea) to replace your cloudy lens with an artificial one. Our day surgery is fitted with a femtosecond laser, so we are able to offer you the latest advances for this procedure.

Nerve-related vision problems

At a neurological appointment, your ophthalmologist will conduct a thorough set of tests to evaluate your vision, eye pressure and nerve function. Depending on your condition, this testing could involve dilating eye drops, visual exercises, scans, blood tests or, less commonly, a lumbar puncture (spinal tap). It may take up to an hour for your ophthalmologist to complete testing and take a detailed medical history.

Payment plans

Vision Eye Institute patients can access a plan to suit their needs through one of the following options.*

  • LatitudePay for services up to $1,000 – interest free, ten weekly payments, no account fees, fast approval
  • LatitudePay+ for services up to $10,000 – interest free, flexible repayment period (6 or 12 months), low monthly account fee, fast approval

*Approved customers only. Before applying for any form of credit, always read the full terms and conditions.

Associate Doctors

Support staff

  • Keylee Gunn Practice Manager

The information on this page is general in nature. All medical and surgical procedures have potential benefits and risks. Consult your ophthalmologist for specific medical advice.


Getting here

By car

Our clinic is conveniently located in vibrant Box Hill, just 17 km from the Melbourne CBD. Plenty of parking is available at Whitehorse Plaza, which is located right next door.

DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF TO YOUR APPOINTMENT – please ask someone to drive you to and from the clinic instead. During your visit, you may have dilating drops applied to your eyes, which can result in blurred vision and increased sensitivity to glare. This may mean that you are unable to drive for 4 to 6 hours afterwards.

If possible, we try to perform all tests and treatments within the same visit, so you may be at our clinic for up to 3 hours.

By public transport

If you are taking public transport, the 109 tram stops directly opposite our clinic, and Box Hill train station is a 3-minute walk away. A number of buses will drop you within a 10-minute walk, including the 281, 293 and 302, which all stop outside Box Hill TAFE.

Disability access

Our clinic has ramp and lift access for people with limited mobility.

IMPORTANT: If you are concerned about your eyes and require an urgent consultation, DO NOT use this form. Please call one of our clinics during office hours or contact your nearest emergency department.

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