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Situated in Melbourne’s multicultural northern suburbs, Vision Eye Institute Coburg has been providing eye care services since 1999. Our clinic has proved to be popular with locals, requiring extensions to the building on 3 separate occasions. Many of our doctors have expertise across multiple specialties – this means patients can often remain under the care of one doctor, thereby reducing anxiety and costs. Our clinic also accepts urgent and emergency cases.

We understand the importance of keeping patients fully informed of wait times and the costs associated with their visit. Please note that we are a private, billing medical clinic. In addition to the cost of the consultation, patients may incur fees for diagnostic tests performed during their appointment. Patients with a current referral letter can receive a Medicare rebate for consultations (and certain tests).

Clinic facilities

At Vision Eye Institute Coburg, we have the latest ophthalmic equipment and technology and this, together with our highly experienced doctors, means patients can rest assured that they are receiving professional, high-quality eye care.

Patients are kept comfortable with 3 waiting areas featuring free WiFi, TVs, up-to-date magazines, crossword and word-search books and restrooms. We also have 7 consulting rooms, 2 treatment rooms, an angiogram room, and retinal and YAG lasers. Our doctors can access patients’ OCT and VFT test results directly from the consulting room computers.

Surgical procedures are performed at Panch Day Surgery in Preston, Vision Day Surgery Camberwell and Vision Day Surgery Footscray. We can usually perform intravitreal injections (IVI) as an outpatient procedure to minimise costs for our patients.

Clinic services

As part of our service, patients are seen by our highly trained clinical orthoptists before their consultation with the ophthalmologist. Orthoptists are university-trained technicians who play an important role in the assessment, diagnosis and management of patients with eye disorders. The orthoptist is able to answer many questions about your condition and treatment or surgical plan to help you make an informed decision.

We also have several staff members who speak other languages (Greek, Italian, Turkish, Mandarin, Chinese and Macedonian) and may be available for translation purposes. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee the availability of a translator. Where possible, patients are asked to bring someone who can translate for them.

Vision Eye Institute Coburg ophthalmologists have significant experience and interest in treating a range of conditions that affect the eye. Some of the main services that our eye specialists provide are listed below.

Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed in the world and can restore your vision and quality of life. Cataracts form when the normally transparent lens in your eye becomes cloudy. Surgery to remove and replace the lens with an artificial one is the only way to treat a cataract. With the development of new intraocular lenses, some patients may not require reading glasses after their cataract procedure. Our cataract surgeons are highly experienced and can help you choose the right lens for your vision and lifestyle needs.

Corneal conditions

Vision Eye Institute Coburg is one of the main eye clinics in Melbourne that performs corneal cross-linking for patients with keratoconus. This procedure may be recommended by your doctor to help stop the condition from progressing and your eye sight from deteriorating further. Corneal collagen-cross-linking is now available on the Medicare Benefits Scheme, meaning patients can access a rebate.

Our doctors also treat other corneal conditions such as corneal abrasions and ulcers, keratitis, Fuchs’ dystrophy, pterygium (Surfer’s Eye) and ocular herpes.

Retinal conditions

We treat the full range of retinal conditions, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, macular holes and eye floaters.

Pupil-dilating drops are often used to allow a thorough examination of the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. These drops make your vision blurry and increase sensitivity to glare and light. Please bring a pair of sunglasses with you to the consultation and be aware that you may need to wait until your vision has returned to normal before you can drive home. Alternatively, you may wish to make other travel arrangements.

Please be aware that some retinal conditions require urgent treatment, perhaps even on the day of your consultation.

Vision Eye Institute Coburg patients with macular conditions are able to access a support program called Smart Sight. Please ask your doctor or orthoptist for further information.


Also known as the ‘sneak thief of sight’, glaucoma is often undetected until it has reached the advanced stages and there is significant and irreversible vision loss. Unfortunately, there is no cure for glaucoma. Our doctors have expertise in diagnosing and managing this chronic condition using medications, laser therapy, minimally invasive surgery (e.g. iStent) and trabeculectomy.

Clinic team

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Getting here

By car

Our clinic is easy to reach by car. We are located on the corner of Bell and Waterfield Streets in Coburg – one block down from the popular Sydney Road district. Ample 3-hour parking is available at the Coles car park near the clinic.

Please be aware that you may require pupil-dilating drops during your visit. These drops can make your vision blurry, increase your sensitivity to glare and sunlight and affect your ability to drive. You may need to arrange for someone to accompany you home or wait until the effects have worn off before driving. We also recommend that you bring a pair of sunglasses with you.

By public transport

Coburg train station (Upfield line) is just a short walk, while tram route 19 and bus routes 513 and 903 stop near the clinic.

Disability access

Our clinic is single level and has ramp access for people with limited mobility.

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IMPORTANT: If you are concerned about your eyes and require an urgent consultation, DO NOT use this form. Please call one of our clinics during office hours or contact your nearest emergency department.

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