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Vision Eye Institute Blackburn South is a comprehensive ophthalmology clinic that has been providing eye care to the local community for the past 40 years. Our highly experienced team treat general ophthalmological conditions, as well as more specialised areas such as glaucoma, most retinal conditions, cataracts, corneal conditions, laser eye surgery and reconstructive surgery (oculoplastics). We offer patients the latest treatments and innovations in eye care – our surgeons pioneered multifocal intraocular lens technology and have been among the first to perform LASIK laser eye surgery in Australia.

We accept all emergency cases, as well as DVA, TAC and Workcover patients. Day surgeries are performed at Whitehorse Day Surgery, Camberwell Day Surgery and occasionally Panch Day Surgery. Laser eye surgery is performed at the Vision Eye Institute Melbourne clinic on St Kilda Rd.

Support Staff

Eylem Copur Portrait
Eylem Copur
Practice Manager
  • What Our Patients Say

    The professional care has been outstanding and the specialist ophthalmologists are backed by a very caring, thorough and patient nursing staff plus efficient administrators.

Clinic facilities

Vision Eye Institute Blackburn South is equipped with all of the modern facilities expected from a world-class ophthalmic centre. If you are undergoing diagnostic tests or minor procedures, your doctor will generally perform these in one of the consultation rooms. Other procedures (e.g. SLT or YAG laser) may be carried out in one of our dedicated treatment rooms. We have the latest imaging systems on-site – these include optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging system, Optos for wide-angle retinal imaging, A-scan for ocular ultrasound, Pentacam for corneal topography and visual field machines.

Day surgeries are performed at Camberwell Day Surgery, Whitehorse Day Surgery and occasionally Panch Day Surgery. Laser eye surgery procedures are performed at Vision Eye Institute Melbourne, our dedicated laser clinic.

Clinic services

We diagnose and treat many different eye conditions, some of which are described below. When you first visit our clinic, one of our highly trained orthoptists will meet with you to prepare you for your consultation with your doctor. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have – our goal is to assist you in making a fully informed decision about your treatment.

Cataract surgery

During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial one. Traditionally, the entire operation was performed manually, but now surgeons can use laser technology to perform some of the steps. Patients can access both standard cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery at Vision Eye Institute Blackburn South. With significant experience using the latest lens technology, our doctors are well placed to help you decide on the option that best suits your vision and lifestyle needs. Cataract surgery is performed as a day surgery procedure.

Glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma is a common condition that can gradually lead to permanent sight loss, but there are a number of treatment options that can stop or slow the condition from worsening. For most people, regular use of medicated eye drops is sufficient. If additional treatments are necessary, our glaucoma specialists can perform laser treatment and surgery to reduce pressure inside the eye.

Laser procedures for glaucoma (e.g. selective laser trabeculoplasty and laser peripheral iridotomy) are performed in the clinic, and are painless and quick. Surgical procedures (e.g. filtration surgery and MIGS/iStent) are performed under a local anaesthetic in the day surgery.

Corneal procedures

Our corneal specialists commonly diagnose and manage disorders such as keratoconus, pterygium (Surfer’s Eye), corneal ulcers, recurrent corneal erosion and corneal dystrophies. They have expertise in performing complex procedures, such as corneal transplantation, corneal ring implants, collagen cross-linking and pterygium removal.

Apart from minor procedures that can be carried out in the clinic consulting or treatment rooms, corneal procedures are performed at Camberwell Day Surgery and Vision Eye Institute Melbourne.

Eye injection clinic

We welcome patients with retinal conditions, especially diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration. Patients requiring eye injections will be treated on-site and, in most cases, treatment will be administered on the same day as your clinic appointment.

Any patients who require retinal laser or surgical treatment will be best triaged by the team at Vision Eye Institute Box Hill.

What to expect during your eye injection appointment

During your eye injection, a medicine will be injected into your eye to reduce bleeding and leakage from damaged or abnormal blood vessels. The eye is numbed with anaesthetic drops before the injection, so most patients feel some pressure in their eye during the injection, but no pain. You can expect to spend between 30 and 45 minutes in the clinic when you attend for an eye injection.

Laser eye surgery

Advances in technology mean we can now help most people who require glasses with some form of vision correction procedure – even if you’ve previously been told you don’t qualify. Our doctors specialise in laser eye surgery (LASIK, ASLA/PRK), refractive lens exchange and implantable lenses.

At the initial assessment consultation, we’ll carefully check your eyes to determine if you are suitable for vision correction and, if so, which procedure is most appropriate for you. As with any surgery, there are benefits and risks and your surgeon will discuss these with you.

The following services are available at our clinic:

  • Free laser eye surgery suitability assessments performed by our Clinical Optometrist, Michelle Shih. Call 1800 1 LASER (1800 152 737) or take our online eligibility quiz if you would like to book an initial assessment for laser eye surgery.
  • Pre-surgical consultations with one of our highly experienced eye surgeons, Dr Abi Tenen or Prof Rasik Vajpayee, or Clinical Optometrist Michelle Shih. Have your full assessment before surgery, discuss the most suitable surgical option for you (LASIK or PRK) and get all your questions answered.
  • Post-operative care supported by Michelle Shih, in conjunction with Dr Abi Tenen and Prof Rasik Vajpayee.

Consultations with Michelle are available in Mandarin or English.

Laser eye surgery will be performed at our dedicated, state-of-the-art laser suite at our Melbourne (St Kilda Road) clinic.

Reconstructive surgery (oculoplastics)

Our reconstructive eye surgeons are specially trained to perform surgery around the eye socket, eyelid, tear ducts and the face. Conditions that may require reconstructive surgery include eyelid lesions and tumours, ptosis, blocked tear ducts and orbital fractures, to name a few. These surgical procedures are generally performed under local anaesthetic at Camberwell Day Surgery.

Payment plans

Latitude Gem Visa may be an option for laser eye surgery procedures (credit limit subject to approval). Latitude Gem Visa offers interest-free payment plans, low monthly account fees and fast approval.*

*Approved customers only. Conditions, fees and charges apply. Credit provided by Latitude Finance Australia ABN 42 008 583 588 Australian Credit Licence number 392145. Before applying for any form of credit, always read the full terms and conditions.

The information on this page is general in nature. All medical and surgical procedures have potential benefits and risks. Consult your ophthalmologist for specific medical advice.


Getting here

By car

Our clinic is conveniently located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Parking is available at the rear of the building, off Shawlands Avenue.

By public transport

Take bus route 703 or 765 to the Canterbury Road/Holland Road stop – our clinic is only a short walk away.

Disability access

The clinic has ramp access for people with limited mobility.

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